Brooklyn – 2015 year in review

January 6, 2016 Leave a comment

We’vr had some good times in NYC too. Perfect balance of town and country.  


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Vermont – 2015 year in review

January 6, 2016 Leave a comment

Last February Patrick and I bought a cabin in VT with my brother and his family. Patrick, Penny and I have spent two weekends (some of them long) each month there. We are so happy!  


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More summer

July 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Penny loved berries and water, so sometimes makes a mess at the park. Nelson put her in a time out for excessive splashing and this is how she looked at him.

I was in my campus office working on a syllabus


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Summer —

July 23, 2014 Leave a comment

It was a rainy, chilly 4th of July, but the forecast for the rest of the weekend was glorious, so we ran errands on the 4th and made plans for a hike on the 5th. Got some great info from a blog online and headed up the Taconic Parkway to Putnam county … Near Carmel, where Penny was born. (Fahrenstock park — hike took us to Jordan pond):

As soon as we entered the woods, Penny turned around to give us a look that seemed to say “Thank you!”

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Just a slice of American Pie

Just finished teaching a course on Post WW II American History. I’ve taught it before, but to undergrads. The request this time was to teach it as a grad class, Master’s level, but not students working on a Master’s in History. (So much about teaching at LIU is complicated this way…. Lots of smoke and mirrors). To be true to myself and to my students I added some challenging material, new even to me. So we finished with Daniel Rogers Age of Fracture. they loved it, but acknowledge they didn’t understand most of it. That’s ok, I confessed, it took me many years to truly understand most of the books I read in my 1st year of grad school. (I didn’t tell them that my reading lists were easily triple the one I assigned them.) I’m just glad they read enough of it to know they wanted to know more. Success!!!!

But now I keep playing slice by Five for Fighting… And American Pie for the nostalgic references. Is there an article in here somewhere ?

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Heading home

March 21, 2014 Leave a comment

It is the end of a long, difficult week. The first week of the second half of a semester whose first half included 4 snow days during which meetings were postponed, classes canceled and projects delayed. Now the rescheduling heats up, the deadlines speed up, the students refuse to pick up their pace and I drown under piles of papers, make up classes and meetings with reluctant and depressed students.

But it is Friday. My weekend schedule will be filled with paper grading, but at least I will get to take breaks to gaze at this face.


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Women’s History Month – Part IV

March 20, 2014 Leave a comment

Why study Women’s History?

I’m not sure whether I stated the question quite that directly when I posed it to Dr. F-G, but it was close.
Her answer had nothing to do with power, justice or personal identity, but with history. We study women’s lives because they clarify historical trends and meaning. She explained that if we focus exclusively on white men when we study antebellum America, the nature of the country appears democratic. When you consider women as historical subjects, the limitations of that democracy become apparent. The same is true, of course, for African-Americans.

So simple, but yet for me at that point in my life it was an epiphany. We study women to better understand history.

(As I soon discovered, there were many historians who had already made this point.)

Women’s history IS history, not herstory.

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